10 Thermal Park entries 4 hours

10 Thermal Park entries 4 hours

This card allows you to access the thermal bath area for 10 4-hours entries.

Choose the weekday option to use it Monday to Friday or the holiday option to access Monday to Sunday, public holidays included.

Buy it and Use within 3 months from purchase.

You can collect it at the reception desk showing the relevant purchase voucher and a valid identity document. No shipping available.

This card is strictly personal and the identity document may be requested at each individual access.

Please, refer to the holiday calendar and the opening hours at the  https://www.aquardens.it/ opening times and prices page.

The management reserves the right to temporarily restrict entries and access to some areas of the park, in order to guarantee our guests’ safety.

Buy for working days

Valid from Monday to Friday, holidays excluded (according to calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)
Allows reservations ONLY for weekdays.

Buy for holidays

Valid every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included (according to Aquardens calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)

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