Corsi Adulti – 20 lezioni

Subscription valid for 20 Adult Class Lessons.

This subscription allows you to access the Thermal Area to take part in 20 adult class lessons during the days and hours indicated in the Class Calendar.  
You will get an electronic bracelet, which is preloaded with 120 minutes of stay in the Thermal Area, to access/take part in the lesson.

The Membership Card is not sent; you can collect it at Reception after presenting your voucher and a valid identity document. 

The subscription is strictly personal; an identity document may be required at any access. 

Booking treatments, massage, private suites, lunch, dinner and private events is recommended. 

This voucher is valid until 31/01/2020.
The card expires 4 months after the first entry.

ATTENTION: The annual membership fee is compulsory for any type of Class Subscription. The booking of the lessons can be made by using an app whose credentials are provided to you when you pick up the membership card.

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