6-hour entry ticket for the thermal pool area.

Thermal pools - 6 hours

Spend 6 hours devoted to relaxation, health and well-being in the microbiologically pure water of our charming indoor and outdoor pools overlooking the Valpolicella hills and have fun under our salsobromoiodic waterfalls and our hydromassage areas. Let the River waters carry you or swim upstream for a completely natural therapy. Discover all the benefits offered by the Kneipp leg circulatory circuit alternating hot and cold water for a regenerating feeling of lightness.

Validity: 3 months from purchase date.                                                                                       

Please, refer to the holiday calendar and the opening hours at the  https://www.aquardens.it/ opening times and prices page.

With a 6-hour ticket, the duration of your visit will be counted from your entry at the turnstile until you return your bracelet upon leaving.
Extra time: € 3 each 30 minutes

The management reserves the right to temporarily restrict entries and access to some areas of the park, in order to guarantee our guests’ safety.

Since the health and safety of both our guests and staff are our top priorities, we ask everyone to fill in a specific form that allows us to keep record of some  information regarding those who access the park, according the provisions of the decree in force.

We hope your experience in Aquardens is relaxing and fun, in compliance with all the safety rules that will keep you and our staff safe.


Buy for working days

Valid from Monday to Friday, long weekends and holidays excluded (according to Aquardens calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)

Buy for holidays

Valid every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included (according to Aquardens calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)

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