6-hour admission to the Thermal Area for balneotherapy.

Balneotherapy 6 hours

6-hour admission to the Thermal Area for balneotherapy.

Aquardens thermal water consists of sodium chloride, iodine and bromine, but also calcium, magnesium, sulphates, bicarbonates and sulphides. These characteristics make this water ideal for stimulating the immune defenses, preventing and treating dermatological, limb-rheumatic and vascular diseases with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-demigenic effects.

The duration of the bath recommended by the spa doctor must not exceed 20-30 minutes. At the end of the bath, the patient leaves the pool, dries himself with a towel and sits down for the time needed to recover the best physical conditions ("thermal reaction phase"). This rest can be quantified in about 15-20 minutes, at the end of which the therapeutic session is considered concluded and can be repeated several times during the same day.

Voucher validity: 15 days from the date of purchase.
With a 6-hour ticket, the time of stay is calculated from the time of entry until the time of return of the bracelet at the exit. Extratime: € 3 every 30 minutes

At the end of the purchase, we recommend BOOKING THE DATE AND TIME OF ACCESS (Click here)
In case of not booking, access to the service will be subject to temporary availability.

Important information
- Before accessing, you will be asked to fill in and deliver a self-declaration, aware of the criminal penalties in case of false declarations and the consequent forfeiture of any benefits obtained (pursuant to articles 75 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445 / 2000) and a short andr free medical examination will be made for the admission.
- This therapy is contraindicated in cases of decompensated heart disease, active pulmonary tuberculosis, severe renal insufficiency, acute or febrile inflammatory processes, some cancers.

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