Birthday offer

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Valid from Monday to Friday, long weekends and holidays excluded (according to Aquardens calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)

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Valid every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included (according to Aquardens calendar available on the “Opening hours and prices” page)

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  • Terme Day NP
  • Sauna Village

Discounted entrance "Two-for-one" - Special Birthday

A succession of in and outdoor pools and lagoons at a temperature between 28° and 38°, caves, waterfalls and whirlpools for a total of 5.200 sq. m. of beneficial Salt-Bromine-Iodine in an engaging atmosphere 365 days a year. 

The product "Birthday offer" is valid for two-people-day-entrance, Sauna Village entrance and drink, if only one of the two is paying. 
To benefit from this offer, the identity document of the birthday person is requested.
The visit date must coincide with the birthday date (ticket valid also the day before and the day after the birthday date), starting from 14 years old.

Find out the holiday schedule and the not-to-be-missed events on
Booking treatments, massage, private suites, lunch, dinner and private events is recommended. 

Validity: 2020
The offer is not valid for purchase on-site. Offer that cannot be combined with other promotions, subject to availability/ limitations.

The recommended treatment consists of bathing for 10-15 minutes at water temperatures ranging between 35°C and 37°C°, followed by a rest time of 30 minutes to make the benefits of treatment effective.
In order to maximize the therapeutic effects of thermal water and avoid problems due to a long stay in hot water, guests are, however, advised not to bath longer than 20 minutes.