How to use the tickets

In order to use the services contained in an Aquardens voucher, the user must either hand it in at the reception desk of the Park, or, alternatively, show it on an electronic device clearly enough so that the bar code can be read.
The provision of the services - i.e., admission to the Park - will only take place after you have submitted the voucher.
Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of the services provided in the Massage and Beauty department, i.e., treatments, massages and Private Suites, you must book them in advance by telephone or email. Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the respective treatment, otherwise the voucher will be cancelled. 
We would also remind you to consult the Park's opening hours and internal regulations.
Check the validity date stamped on the voucher in order to monitor its expiry. After that date, the voucher will lose its validity and the right to use the services it provides will no longer be valid. 
No reimbursement is due for unused services.
When several services are included in the same voucher, they must be used on the same day.