Regulations of the Aquardens Thermal Park


Access in any capacity to the Thermal Park of Aquardens Spa hereinafter the "Thermal Park" entails acceptance of these Regulations which the Customer declares to have read at the reception and/or by accessing the website and to accept all of its clauses, undertaking to respect them, with the purchase and use of the ticket or access pass (voucher, season ticket, etc.) as an integral part of the conditions of sale.


General rules

The Thermal Park is a place dedicated to well-being: anyone who enters is required to scrupulously observe the rules of conduct contained in these Regulations with respect for all Guests and in order to guarantee public order and their safety and that of others.

The structures of the Thermal Park are an asset available to all Guests, who undertake to preserve their integrity, functioning and hygiene.

For health reasons, four-legged friends can only access the car park, the hall area and the bars, restaurants and shops adjacent to it, but cannot enter the Park.

For hygiene and safety reasons, as well as for the respect of everyone, Guests will be required to follow the instructions and advice of the staff regarding the use of the structure, adhering to what is indicated on the signs and notices displayed and respecting the times and methods described, as well as this Regulation. Failure to do so, as well as in the case of disturbance caused to other Guests or of noise or shouting and, in any case, of inappropriate behaviour, will require the removal of the offenders, who will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket or any cost incurred and, in in case of refusal or resistance, the Police will be immediately alerted.

Minors under the age of 18 have access to the Thermal Park only if accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will be responsible for their behaviour and safety throughout their stay in the Park.

Likewise, minors can book beauty treatments and for this reason access the Massage & Beauty area for treatments and massages only if accompanied and under the supervision of their parent or guardian, who must remain inside the cabin during the treatment.

Inside the Thermal Park, only the consumption of food and drinks purchased in the dedicated refreshment points is permitted. The introduction of food and drinks of any kind into the Park is therefore prohibited. In order to ensure compliance with the ban, the Management reserves the right to request the opening of bags and containers at the entrance in order to carry out the necessary checks.

The sale of alcoholic beverages in refreshment points will be avoided for anyone showing symptoms of inebriation or impairment.

People who are in a state of intoxication or impairment may be removed and accompanied to the exit of the Park, upon payment of the drinks consumed.

Likewise, entry will not be permitted to those who demonstrate a state of intoxication or impairment.

Sunbeds and deckchairs can be used exclusively according to the possibility of use at the moment, remembering that, exclusively for the sunbeds and deckchairs present in the internal spaces, it is not allowed to keep them reserved with towels, bathrobes or anything else.

It is recommended that Guests do not bring objects of particular value into the Thermal Park, however special security lockers with combination locks are available to Guests inside the Park in the area of the 'Welcome Shop' sales point adjacent to the changing rooms for the safekeeping of money jewellery and telephones. We decline any responsibility for missing valuables left unattended or stored in normal lockers in the changing rooms.

For the rental of towels and bathrobes, the cost of the service will be charged to the Customer's bracelet, according to the current rate at the time, and a further amount as a deposit, again according to the current rate, which will be credited back upon return or definitively withheld in case of failure to return, to cover the cost of the towel or bathrobe.

Likewise, at the "Biergarten" refreshment point, the beer being drunk will be served in  special mugs and the cost of the drink and a further amount as a deposit will therefore be charged to the Customer's bracelet, according to the current rates at the  time, which will be credited back when the mug is returned to the same refreshment point or permanently withheld in the event of failure to return it.

We recommend respecting the opening times of the Thermal Park and, in particular, the closing times. Guests are therefore required to go to the changing rooms at least 30 minutes before the closing time of the Thermal Park.

The updated opening and closing times of the Park can be consulted at the entrance or on the Website.

On December 31st of each year the closing time is brought forward to 4.30 pm and from 7.00 pm access is reserved only to holders of the special "New Year's Eve" ticket.


It is obligatory in all areas of the Thermal Park

• to wear a swimsuit in the pools;

• to use slippers to pass through all areas;

• to tie back your hair inside the thermal baths, saunas and steam baths using a special elastic band (a cap is not necessary);

• to cover yourself at the restaurants (Salus Self Restaurant, Arena Gourmet, Ripasso Bistrò, Biergarten, Pokeria and Punto Pasta);

• to maintain a moderate tone of voice in all spa areas and silence in the relaxation areas and inside dry cabins and steam baths, during the rituals;

• to maintain a decent attitude within each environment: the staff is authorized to identify and remove couples or individuals from the centre who do not respect this direction;

• that minors are accompanied throughout the Park by an adult (over 18);

• to present the identity document of the minor under 14 years of age to benefit from the reduced rate;

• the use of a swim nappies for children under 3 years of age.


It is prohibited in all areas of the Thermal Park

• to run in transit areas;

• to dive into the pools;

• to use balls, inflatables (except safety devices for children) or other games that may disturb and compromise the safety of Guests outside of the areas dedicated to children;

• access of minors under 14 to expressly prohibited areas, reserved for adults only;

• to use music players without earphones or mobile phone ringtones;

• to smoke, including electronic cigarettes, outside the spaces designated for this purpose;

• to consume food and drinks brought from outside;

• to introduce glass containers in any/all areas;

• to consume food and drinks in areas not designated for this purpose;

• to move sunbeds, deckchairs and furnishings arranged within the areas;

• to reserve sunbeds, deckchairs and relaxation stations with objects, towels or bathrobes during your stay in the water and when moving to the refreshment areas. Staff are authorized to remove any unattended objects. There are lockers, hangers and shelves available for guests to store their personal items. This rule is not applied in the outdoor garden;

• to use devices that allow you to take photos and record videos, respecting the privacy of other Guests. If necessary, telephones can be used in the changing rooms and reception areas, without prejudice to the prohibition on taking photos and videos in these areas too. Failure to comply with this prohibition will constitute grounds for removal from the area without any refund;

• to enter the pools fully dressed, except for those wearing clothing suitable for bathing, such as a 'burkini'.


Sauna area regulations, which include “Sauna village” and “Spa lounge” (saunas and steam baths)

The same obligations and prohibitions generally provided for the other areas of the Park apply. Access to the Sauna area, which includes Sauna Village and Spa Lounge, is permitted to those over 14 years of age and requires the payment of a supplement to be charged on the bracelet according to the current rate at the time.

Access to the Sauna area, especially during holidays, and to the individual cabins, in anticipation of rituals and/or shows, may be temporarily limited for safety and/or capacity reasons.


How to access

Out of respect for others and to preserve one's privacy inside the dry and wet cabins, as well as in the common areas, it is mandatory to wear a disposable swimsuit (it is given to you, included in the entrance fee to the Sauna area, upon first entry) and to use a terry or cotton towel to cover your seat (no synthetic fabrics). As an alternative to the disposable costume, you can wrap yourself in a cotton sheet, foutha or towel, and use a second sheet to keep your seat dry on the wooden benches.

No part of the body nor sweat must touch the wood of the benches and walls. At the reception of the sauna area it is possible to rent towels, purchase a disposable swimsuit or a costume suitable for saunas, foutha and other products related to the sauna area.

Slippers are not permitted inside saunas and steam baths.


Recommendations and advice

In the Sauna area there are instructions for preparing the body, the length of stay and the phases following the sauna. However, the staff are always present for any further requests for information.


It is also prohibited in the Sauna area, which includes Sauna Village and Spa Lounge

• to bring ice, oils, salts, honey, cosmetic products and accessories of any kind inside the dry and wet cabins;

• to bring large backpacks, bags and holdalls, respecting order and decorum (unless expressly authorized by the personnel in charge);

• to use the cabins, sauna and steam bath, for those with general pathologies that advise against their use and, unless otherwise indicated by their doctor, for  pregnant women.