Purchasing Guide

Buying from the Aquardens Shop 

The first step consists of selecting the desired section from the ""Buy"" menu and identifying the product of your choice: you will then be able to view its characteristics, price and validity.

If the product is the one you want, you can add it to your shopping cart, indicating the relative quantity. At this point, you can add other products or go directly to the shopping cart and click the corresponding symbol at the top right to finalise the purchase. 

In the shopping cart you will see all the products you have chosen and added to it; you can change the quantity and remove any items you may have entered by mistake. If all products are correct, continue by clicking "Proceed". In this section you can also select the "Gift" option that will enable you to enter the details of the recipient to whom the gift is to be sent via an email containing the vouchers. 

To proceed with the purchase, enter your user name and password if already registered; alternatively, you can register as a new user.

Make sure you have entered the data correctly and click "Confirm and proceed".

Please note that the admission voucher will be sent in virtual form to the email address entered at the time of purchase and it is printable. Printing the voucher is not necessary to have access to the facility as long as the voucher itself can be clearly displayed on an electronic device at the cashier's desk at the time of entry. 

If you wish to request an invoice to be issued, you must do so on the data entry page by selecting "I would like to receive an invoice" and compiling all the required fields .You must verify the correctness of the billing data entered prior to finalising your purchase as you will not be able to request any changes to such data. 

Now choose your payment method and confirm your purchase.

Your order confirmation will be sent via an e-mail message.