Beauty Program

Dedicated to guests who want to detoxify and revitalise their body tissues, get rid of toxins and impurities, and give a new brightness to their skin. 

The program includes 8 stations:

Pre-treatment face cleansing.
Regenerating lukewarm shower
Pamper yourself with a lukewarm rejuvenating shower.
Calla di Vapore
Soak in the light steam of the Calla di Vapore to relax your body and mind while sitting comfortably in a treatment that lasts about 10 minutes.
Cool shower
Take a cool reaction shower to improve vascular tone and boost circulation.
Mask Point
At the Mask Point, apply the clay mask to your face. Avoid areas around the mouth, eyes and ears.
Relax 10'
Relax under a cotton and/or wool blanket for about 10 minutes until your body is dry to help the with the heat response.
Mask Point
Rinse your face with room temperature water at the Mask Point.
Skin Hydration
Gently pat face dry. Apply moisturiser.
Wellness Programs
Sauna Village Program

Heat and steam baths are recommended to boost the immune system and improve the respiratory system, as well as eliminate toxins and relax the body and mind.

Tonic Wellness Program

Muscle toning, joint flexibility and blood flow reactivation are the benefits of a treatment designed for those seeking improved physical performance and resistance to fatigue. 

Detox Program

A 100% detoxifying path to re-energize you. Ideal for those wishing to remove impurities, boost circulation and the immune system, and relieve leg heaviness. A ""gentle"" method, enhanced by the beneficial effects of thermal spring water.

Soft Program

This program offers total relaxation. It is ideal for those who need to relieve anxiety and insomnia, and free the body and mind from tension.